Word Coordinates

Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

Created by:

Sally Cramer

Activity Instructions

This combines math and literacy. Make two sets of index cards with the numbers 1-10. (Each set should be a different color.) Stand at the bottom left corner of the grid. Explain the concept of coordinates (“across” and “up”) and the numbering system of coordinates (ex.: “may”=1,1 and “it”=10,10). Give a student one card of each color and have him find the word at that coordinate. The instructions would be “Find the word at 3,5” or “Find the word at 4,6.” The student should jump to the horizontal coordinate and put the number card on it. Then he should jump to the vertical coordinate, put the card on it, and say the word at that coordinate. There is an attached worksheet for this activity.

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