Word Problems

Grade 4

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Math & Movement

Activity Instructions

Have students use the floor mat to solve word problems. Student A will stand on the first fraction mentioned in the word problem. Student B will stand on the second fraction. Students can use their locations on the mat to help them determine the size of the fractions.


  • Jill has 3/10 of a piece of bread while Rachel has ⅖. Who has a larger piece of bread?
  • Tony has 4/8 of a pizza and Mark has 3/7. Who has more pizza?
  • Nicole has 2/6 of the cake and Brittney has ¼ of the cake. Who has a bigger slice of cake?
  • Fred has ⅙ of a pie and Harry has ⅝. Who has a smaller piece of pie?
  • Devyn has finished 4/10 of her math project. Flynn has finished ⅔ of his project. Who has finished more of their math project?

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