Fraction Walk (Halves & Quarters)

The Fraction Walk (Halves and Quarters) Floor Mat offers a kinesthetic opportunity for students to
learn fractions, equivalents fractions, fractions greater than one, and problems dealing with fractions. This colorful floor mat provides visual cues to the relationships between parts and wholes. The mat show proper and improper fractions with numerals and symbols.

Grade 3 - Grade 6


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    1. The Fraction Walk

      How many halves in five? Have your student count how many halves are in five by stepping on each half while counting their steps from one to ten. If your...READ MORE
    2. Hopscotch the Numbers

      Have your student start on START HERE. Have the student say “one half” while hopping with one foot in the 1/2 box. Then have the student jump (two feet) on...READ MORE
    3. Bean Bag Decides

      Throw a bean bag on the Fraction Walk Floor Mat. Hop up the mat to the bean bag, alternating between one and two-footed movements. Pick up the bean bag and...READ MORE
    4. Equivalent Fraction Hop

      Have a student select a fraction and stand on it. Then, have the student hop on all of its equivalent fractions. The activity should go on until the student has...READ MORE
    5. Fractions Greater Than One

      This floor mat offers a visual opportunity for students to understand the relationships between fractions greater than one and mixed numbers. For example, to have your student figure out the...READ MORE
    6. Fractions Greater Than One and the Pictures

      Notice that this floor mat has pictures that represent the whole and fraction parts of each number. The fraction 7/2 has three squares filled in with black and half of...READ MORE
    7. Bean Bag Addition and Subtraction

      Have a student toss two bean bags onto the mat. Then, have the student add or subtract the numbers. To make this activity easier, make sure they toss the bean...READ MORE
    8. Bean Bag Multiplication

      Follow the same instructions as Bean Bag Addition and Subtraction, but instead of adding or subtracting, have students multiply.
    9. Bean Bag Division

      Follow the same instructions as Bean Bag Addition and Subtraction, but instead of adding or subtracting, have students divide.
    10. Clipboard Math

      Clip a math worksheet on a clipboard. Have your students figure out the answers to the fraction problems by walking or hopping on the mat.