Add/Subtract Indoor Sticker

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The numbers 1-100 are laid out in a colorful grid. This sticker is a great tool for counting drills and practicing adding and subtracting. Available in two sizes.

Small (4ft x 4ft) – one sticker/piece

Large (8ft x 8ft) – four stickers/pieces




Tools needed: 
painters tape, blade, application squeegee, tape measure, rag, cleaning product
Use the rag and cleaning product to clean the wall where you want your vinyl installed. Tape your pieces to the wall and use the tape measure to ensure the left and right corners are equal distance from a parallel reference point e.g. the baseboard or floor. Once your vinyl is level place extra tape on one side to help anchor the piece to the wall and carefully peel back the other half to expose the backing. Use your blade to cut the exposed backing. Holding the loose vinyl in one hand and the squeegee in the other use the squeegee to smoothly apply the vinyl to the wall starting from the middle and working out to the edges. Once this half is applied to the wall lift the half that has been taped down, remove the backing, and using the same steps as the previous half apply the vinyl to the wall working from the middle out. Repeat process for each piece, if your design is in multiple pieces double check that you have enough space for each piece, and that all your edges line up.

Includes: 1- 100

Sample Activity:

Stand on the number 1. Have someone call out a number to add (“Seven!”) Jump to the sum of 1 plus 7. Continue jumping from number to number as you add.

Variation: The person calling numbers can say “add” or “subtract” first.


Click below to download free images of large-size coins to print, cut out and laminate for use with this sticker!

Quarter       Dimes       Nickel       Pennies


Videos show the floor mat version. The same activities can be done on this sticker version.



Shopping Activity Worksheet with The Hundred Number Grid

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Small (4 ft x 4 ft), Large (8 ft x 8 ft)

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