Freddy Fibonacci’s Awful Allowance (e-book)

Fibonacci numbers can be as much fun for children as for adults. A Fibonacci sequence starts small and grows progressively larger in an unusual way.


In Freddy Fibonacci’s Awful Allowance, clever Eliza asks her mother to switch her allowance from four dollars a week to one that uses Fibonacci numbers. Not understanding the extent of this request, her mother agrees. Each week, after completing a household chore, Eliza asks for her allowance. After six months, when the allowance has increased to a substantial amount, Eliza and her family join forces to provide mom with a high-magnitude surprise!

At the end of the book, you will find a Math & Movement Lesson Plan for Fibonacci Numbers. This lesson plan is for 4th Grade Math, Operations and Algebraic Thinking – Patterns.

Pages: 28

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