Hopscotch for Threes Mat

This colorful, large format mat has a hopscotch grid for learning to skip count by threes to thirty. This mat can be used for a variety of adding and multiplying activities while keeping kids moving to the numbers!


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Practice counting by threes with endless hopscotch play!

Our Hopscotch for Threes mat brings traditional hopscotch and counting by threes together in the best way. Students can practice counting by threes from one to thirty while engaging in hopscotch play! 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade classes will be well prepared for multiplication by 3 as a result of practice on this mat.

This floor mat features numbers one through thirty laid out in large, colorful hopscotch squares. Every multiple of three is in a single square row. The other number squares are side by side. At 30 inches wide and 200 inches long, this mat has plenty of space for multiple students to hop on.

Math class can become a physical activity full of movements to help students master counting by 3s and multiplication by 3. Movement-based activities will boost learning comprehension while helping young students develop gross motor skills. Whether using it for math lessons or during free time, this mat will encourage active learning and collaborative play.

No more getting on your hands and knees to draw a hopscotch course by hand or create one out of masking tape. This mat is made from durable material that makes it a great classroom tool for many school years to come! Be sure to check out our activity database for hopscotch play ideas.


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Product Details

Materials: Our floor mats are made from heavy-duty vinyl. They are easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting. Some teachers have used their mats for over 10 years!

Dimensions: 30 x 200 inches

Includes: Numbers 1 – 30


Check out our material FAQ page for more information and instructions on caring for your floor mat.


Sample Activity: Hopscotch Facts

  • Have a student toss a bean bag onto the mat. (Move it to the closest multiple of three for them).
  • The player will hop down the mat until they reach the bean bag. Alternate between hopping on one foot and two feet.
  • They will jump on the bean bag’s square and recite a fact whose solution is the number they are standing on. For example, 3 times 7 is 21.
  • Add a time limit to make the game more challenging.

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Dimensions 200 × 30 in
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