Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Package

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Comprehensive Package for PreK through Fifth Grade

Take your school’s curriculum to the next level with Math & Movement and kinesthetic learning! This comprehensive program will help your school meet math and physical education achievement goals.


The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Kit

This math kit will bring movement-based learning into your classroom. The materials have been selected based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum and state standards.

Movement-based activities will boost learning comprehension while helping young students develop gross motor skills. Best of all, kids love to move around and play. With these kinesthetic learning materials, students will be so engaged in the activities that they may not even realize they are completing a new lesson!

Texas educators – take your school’s curriculum to the next level with kinesthetic learning. Download the kit brochure here!


Also available: Math & Movement TEKS Lesson Plan E-books


Product Details


  • 6-hour workshop
  • 20 Access passes to online training (train teachers who missed the workshop or use as a refresher course)
  • 30 Math & Movement training manuals
  • Introduction to Math & Movement DVD
  • 6 Skip Counting classroom banners
  • Add/Subtract floor mat
  • 7 Number Line Hopping floor mats
  • 7 Playground stencils
  • Number Line 1-10 floor mat
  • Clock Hop floor mat
  • Place Value Hop P2 (millions) floor mat and cards
  • Place Value Hop P3 (decimals) floor mat and cards
  • Cartesian Coordinates Hop floor mat
  • Fraction Hop 1/3 and 1/6 floor mat
  • Fraction Hop ½ and ¼ floor mat
  • Equivalent Fractions floor mat
  • Attribute Word Hop floor mat
  • Ordinal Numbers Hop floor mat
  • Color Hop floor mat
  • My First Shapes Hop floor mat
  • Dollar Hop floor mat
  • Hop by Tens floor mat
  • Operations floor mat
  • Factor Fun floor mat
  • Geometric Shapes Hop floor mat
  • Angle Hop floor mat
  • Hopscotch for Threes floor mat
  • Multiplication Hopscotch floor mat
  • Positive/Negative Numbers floor mat


Cost: $9,995 including all training and materials listed above. Purchase orders accepted.


Check out our material FAQ page for more information and instructions on caring for your floor mats.

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