Kids love math – when they can move to the numbers!

Wouldn't it be great if all kids loved math?! We believe they can, and we'll show you how using movement as part of your math teaching can help kids learn more, retain more and gain valuable basic skills while exercising their bodies as well as their minds. Best of all, kids love to learn this way!

Math & Movement™, founded by math educator Suzy Koontz, is an exciting way for teachers and parents – anyone involved in math education for children – to keep kids feeling good about math. No more saying, "I don't like math," or "I'm just no good at numbers." Using simple techniques and fun exercises, you can introduce the fundamentals of arithmetic and early algebra concepts to children of all ages. Our techniques have been used successfully with children as young as pre-school and as old as the high school years. Our activities are fun for math learners, and build on extensive brain research together with practical field testing.

Kids ask for more "math fun" once they try Math & Movement™!

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Common Core State Standards

Why including Math & Movement™ in your curriculum offers mastery learning of core concepts.

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