Pre-K and K STEAM Kit

Bring math, literacy, and popular science concepts to life using steam activities for preschoolers and kindergartners. Incorporate movement into your classroom to make learning fun!

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Full STEAM ahead!

This fun kit is full of STEAM activities for preschoolers and kindergartners. This kit will bring literacy, math, and science concepts into your classroom while incorporating movement and kinesthetic learning. Young learners will enjoy hopping, skipping, and jumping around while developing a better understanding of the world around them.

These STEAM activity kits will help kids learn about counting, clock math, geometry, the alphabet, colors, animals, and much more!

Movement-based activities will boost learning comprehension while helping young students develop gross motor skills. Whether using it for class time or during free time, this mat will encourage active learning and collaborative play. Take a look at our activity database for more activities and sensory play to keep your students on their feet.

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Materials: Our floor mats are made from heavy-duty vinyl. They are easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting. Some teachers have used their mats for over 10 years!


Math –

  • Count to Ten
  • Skip Counting by 2s mat
  • Skip Counting by 2s stencil
  • Hop by Tens
  • Hopping by Hundreds
  • Ten Frame Hop
  • Whole Part and Number Bond
  • Add/Subtract (1-100)
  • Mini Clock Hop
    • Clock hands
  • Dollar Hop
  • Spanish Number Line 0-10
  • Number Line 0-10 Fruits & Vegetables
  • Hopscotch for Threes
  • My First Shapes Hop
  • Connect the Dots Hop


Literacy –

  • Alphabet Hop
  • Color Hop
  • Number Word Hop
  • Vowel Hop
  • Attribute Word Hop
  • Word Blending Hop: Single B-H
    • Laminated cards
  • Word Hop A
  • Make-A-Word Hop set
  • Sentence Hop set
    • Sentence Hop A-D + Laminated cards
  • Days of the Week Hop
  • Months of the Year Hop


Science –

  • Planet Hop
  • Dinosaur Hop
  • My Pet Hop
  • Farm Animals Hop
  • Baby Animal Hop
  • American Baby Animal Hop
  • Pond Life Hop
  • Baby Zoo Hop
  • Baby Pet Hop
  • Farm Animals Hopscotch
  • Baby Marine Life Hop
  • Baby Arctic Animal Hop


Books –

  • Spelling Animals I (e-book)
  • Honey: A Math Adventure (e-book)
  • Buddies: A Math Adventure (e-book)
  • The ABCs of Math and Movement (e-book)
  • Math & Movement CCSS Lesson Plan Workbook – Kindergarten (e-book)
  • Tracing Sheets with all words from Word Hop A-AC
  • Visual Discrimination Exercises Book 1 (e-book)
  • Visual Discrimination Exercises Book 2 (e-book)
  • Math and Movement Training Manual for Elementary Schools (e-book)


Check out our material FAQ page for more information and instructions on caring for your floor mat.

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K-2 Math Kit with Training, K-2 Math Kit without Training


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