Ten Frame Desktop Sticker

A miniature version of our Ten Frame Hop that adheres directly to students’ desktops! Students can write on the sticker with dry-erase markers.

Teach addition, subtraction, and odd and even numbers. Great for independent desk work or classroom games.

Minimum purchase quantity: 25


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A Blank Ten Frame Sticker Chart for Each of Your Kindergarten Students!

We took our popular Ten Frame Hop floor mat and adapted it into a desktop sticker! These ten frame sticker charts can be placed directly on students’ desks for use all school year. Ideal for kindergarten, use these blank ten frames to introduce new counting to ten activities.

Educators identify the Ten Frame as an important teaching tool for building number sense and teaching addition and subtraction. With our blank ten frame, there are plenty of possibilities for hands on counting activities for kindergarten.

Engage students in kinesthetic activities without having them leave their desks! Appeal to tactile learners by having students move their fingers over each block in the frame.

Additionally, our ten frame stickers are laminated with dry-erase material. This means that students can practice writing numbers and equations at their desks without having to get up and walk to the whiteboard. Furthermore, they’ll be practicing their fine motor skills.

Lead counting to ten activities for your whole class while each student works individually on their own sticker. Check out our activity database for counting practice ideas!


Product Details

Materials: Our dry-erase stickers combine the power of our heavy-duty 3M sticker material with dry-erase laminate. Dry-erase markers work well with the laminate, which is easy to clean off. Additionally, our stickers are made with the latest advancements in 3M adhesive technology, so applications are easy, quick, and hassle-free.

Dimensions: 6 x 12 inches

Minimum Purchase Quantity: 25 stickers


*Note: Many factors go into installing our stickers. Please check out our guide and general FAQ page for more information and instructions.


Sample Activity: How Many More

  • Have students write the numbers 1-10 in their ten frames. Have them “mark” a number by placing a small object in the number’s square. Pennies or paper clips work well.
  • Ask the students how many “finger hops” it would take to get to 10 from the number they marked.
  • For example, ask the students to mark the number 6. The students will place their fingers on 6, “jump” their fingers to 7, and shout “1”. They continue this until they reach 10.
  • Students will find that they need 4 finger hops to get to 10.
  • Additionally, you can have students say what they did in number sentence form. For this instance, “6 plus 4 makes 10.”

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Dimensions 6 × 12 in
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