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Decorate your school’s stairs with colorful stair riser stickers. Encourage students to practice math, ELA, science, foreign languages, or positive affirmations, on their way to class! 

In our Math & Movement workshops, we ask teachers to calculate how many minutes they spend walking in the hallway to art, PE, music, lunch, etc. Teachers report that their transition time outside of the classroom is 15-30 minutes each day. However, one study found that some first-grade students spend 25% of their day transitioning between class periods. If the average school day is six hours, students could be spending up to an hour and a half transitioning each school day. That’s 270 hours per year they could be reinforcing their understanding of class content!

Why not use interactive stair riser stickers to increase learning during transition times?

Another study found that students who are able to supplement their learning with repetitive tasks and visuals found that these supplements improve automatic recall. Placing learning visuals in your stairways and on the floor can help your students make stronger educational connections to what they are learning in the classroom.  

School Stair Risers Stickers and Decals for Any Subject

But why stop at math? You can order custom stair stickers for any subject area. We have templates available for math, English, science, and geography. We also offer word and letter recognition, counting, calendar, and social-emotional templates.

How to Order a Custom School Stair Decal

Math & Movement Stickers are customized to fit in your school’s stairways. You can also design the stickers to match your school colors and themes!

Just send us the dimensions of your risers, colors and a possible design you may have in mind! You can also choose from some of our existing templates. 

Click here to order stair riser stickers for your school!

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