The Best Tested Math Books for Elementary Teachers

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Selecting the ideal math books for your elementary teaching role, whether at the start or throughout your career, can be a daunting task given the plethora of available options.

When picking the appropriate instructional guides and workbooks for your students, it is crucial to consider a few factors:

  1. Is the math book aligned with my school’s curriculum and state standards?
  2. Does the math book present essential concepts in an engaging and enjoyable way that helps my students overcome difficulties in learning?

In this article, we hope to answer these questions to help you find the right books for your class!

Here are Math & Movement’s top elementary math book recommendations, sorted by grade level:

1st Grade

In first grade math, addition and subtraction are fundamental skills. Jump & Learn Addition and Subtraction is Math & Movement’s newest book. This math book introduces these operations to students in an active, easy-to-understand manner using our Count to 10, Skip Counting by 2s, and Number Word Hop floor mats.

This book intermixes practice pages and practical, real-world word problems. Throughout the book, the practice pages repeat addition and subtraction equations using the numbers 0 through 20. Students can simultaneously apply their fact fluency to real-life, age-appropriate word problems. The book writes real-world problems in different ways to meet state standards. Students also learn how to determine the unknown number in an equation and how to compare numbers to one another.

This book makes learning addition and subtraction engaging and 

enjoyable for students because it includes positive affirmations and colorful stickers to encourage young mathematicians to keep practicing!

Jump & Learn Addition and Subtraction Workbook

Preview Jump & Learn Addition

Addition Subtraction Workbook Sample 1
Addition Subtraction Workbook Sample 2

For first grade math books, also check out Addition/Subtraction Mar-A-Thon. This workbook provides students with even more practice pages. This eBook includes 40 pages with 30 problems on each page. It starts with 10 pages with addition to 10, and then 10 pages with subtraction within 10. Then, 10 pages with addition to 20, and 10 pages with subtraction within 20.

2nd Grade

By second grade, students should be able to add and subtract within 20 fluently. Jump & Learn Addition and Subtraction is a great elementary math book to use at the start of the school year so that kids can refresh their skills after summer vacation. Students who have never experienced movement-based learning may greatly benefit from it at this age.

We also have an Addition/Subtraction Mar-A-Thon workbook for 2nd graders. Like the 1st grade version, this 40-page eBook covers addition and subtraction within 20 but includes 40 problems per page so that these older students have more practice for these frequently used equations.

Addition and Subtraction Marathon Book

3rd Grade

Third grade is a big year for students in math class because they are learning how to multiply and divide.

Multiply With Me is a complete student workbook that teaches multiplication through counting, movement, and multi-sensory techniques. The workbook includes forty-five lessons that cover multiplication by 2 through 12.

Multiply With Me is available as a paperback or ebook. Be sure to check out the detailed instructor guide as well!

Multiply with Me
Multiply With Me Math Books

A favorite among schools is our Jump & Learn Multiplication workbook. This book includes over 200 pages of practice problems for first-time multipliers to solve.

You can easily add movement to the lesson by having students solve the math problems by hopping on our Skip Counting floor mats. The process of learning multiplication becomes active, fast, and fun – all while students develop positive self-esteem with the affirmations and stickers included in the book.

Jump & Learn Multiplication

Another great option for third grade math is our book Multiplication Mar-A-Thon. This workbook provides practice with multiplication by 2 through 12. This eBook contains 100 pages with your choice of either 30 or 60 problems per page.

Students can sometimes feel overwhelmed with too many problems in front of them. Other students need more of a challenge – so you can easily choose what best suits your students!

Oodles of Algebra is a 50-page ebook that introduces third graders to basic algebra. Students learn how to add and multiply variables as well as gain familiarity with exponents and enhance visual discrimination.

oodles of algebra
Oodles of Algebra Grade 3 Math Book sample page

Our I Love to Cancel Workbook is a 56-page ebook that allows students to practice division by 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s with variables and exponents.

dividing variables with exponents canceling in math divide using cancellation method

Coming Soon!

The Math & Movement team is currently in the progress of writing Jump & Learn Division. Like Jump & Learn Multiplication, this workbook will help first-time dividers solve equations using the Skip Counting floor mats. Stay tuned for the release of this new math book!

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when this book is released!

Our new Multiplication and Division in the Real World books introduce students to both multiplication and division but take these operations to the next level with the inclusion of real-life word problems.


These books guide students as they practice skip counting, repeated addition, repeated subtraction, traditional multiplication problems, multiplication by a factor of 10, fact families, traditional division problems, and intermixed multiplication and division questions. Everyday word problems are gradually introduced to students. First, students are asked to identify which operation they should use to solve a problem; then, they are asked to solve the problems. The books also include two-step word problems that require using two operations to find the solution.


The Multiplication and Division in the Real World books also utilize our Skip Counting floor mats. There are pages explaining how to solve each problem using the mats, so students will be active and moving as they work. Book A covers multiples 2 through 6 while Book B covers multiples 7 through 12.

Both books include positive affirmations and bright stickers so that mastering each new multiple becomes a rewarding experience!

Multiplication and Division in the Real World Book A. Multiplication and Division Strategies
Mixed Multiplication and Division by 2s
Two-Step Real World Multiplication and Division Problems

More Elementary Math Book Options

Our Math & Movement Training Manual, also available as paperback or eBook, is a fantastic tool for educators. In fact, this manual is a great place to start with implementing kinesthetic learning tactics. This book includes over 250 physical movements that will energize both students and faculty. Practice math with just your body – no other supplies needed!

training manual cover

Our Hop to Success series is another great place to start with kinesthetic learning while meeting your school’s curriculum and state standards. These guides provide a detailed approach to learning, understanding, and practicing the concepts included in specific education standards, including Common Core State Standards and NYS Next Generation Standards. Using these books in combination with Math & Movement kinesthetic products and activities supports existing curriculum, enriches students, and allows educators to assess skill levels. Hop to Success comes in versions for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.

Don’t see Hop to Success available in your school’s education standards? Please reach out to our team and we can work to put a guide together for you!

Hop to Success with NYS Next Generation Standards - 1st Grade Math
Hop to Success with State Standards - 5th Grade

Our Math Kits already include many of these books. We have put together collections of our floor mats and books that correspond with specific grade-level concepts. And if you see an additional mat or book you’d like for your classroom, these can easily be added to your order!

Not familiar with your state’s education standards? Typically, you can find standards on your state’s department of education website.

Let us know in the comments which titles you feel are the best elementary math books or share a link to your favorite books for K-5 teachers!

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