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Multiplication Hopscotch

Create a hopscotch board with the numbers 1-10, either with chalk on the playground or tape in the classroom. Start at the beginning of the

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March Madness Multiples

Crumple up 10 pieces of paper. Pick a multiple. “Shoot baskets” with the paper basketballs into the trash can while skip counting by that multiple.

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Flower Multiplication

10 students form a circle. Each student holds a different number card with the numbers 1-10 written on them (no repeats of numbers). Another student

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Easter Bunny Hop

The teacher preps for the activity by placing plastic Easter eggs around the perimeter of the room. The class forms a line and, in a

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Shamrock Shake

Practice counting by threes! Shake hips to the right and whisper, “one.” Shake hips to the left and whisper, “two.” Spin in a circle, clap,

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Fostering a Growth Mindset in Children

Fostering A Growth Mindset in Children

Studies suggest that growth mindsets counter the fight-or-flight response, helping us to view social problems as challenges. This helps us to adapt, change, and grow—the chief characteristics of resilience. When we promote the belief that people truly have the potential to change, we free up ourselves and others to actually do that. Overall, fostering a growth mindset in a child’s early years are critical.

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Summer Math Activities

Summer Math Activities to Get Kids Outdoors

All of these math activities offer children a chance to get outdoors and have fun while practicing their math skills. Parents, teachers, and camp counselors can use an outdoor summer math activity to keep kids engaged and learning. Overall, be sure to celebrate a child’s success and HAVE FUN! 🙂

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end of the year school activities

Fun End of The Year Math Activities

The end of the school year is a time that allows for fun end of the year math activities children of all ages love! As you prepare to honor your student’s success’ and send them on their way, make sure to integrate these end of the year activities for fun and engaging lessons.

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