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Holiday Multiples

Students form partner pairs and choose a multiple. Then, they will toss a holiday ornament back and forth to each other while skip counting by that multiple. Students could also toss

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Take It Outside!

Pick a multiple and practice skip counting by that multiple while taking turns tossing the water balloon back and forth to a partner. If you drop the water balloon and

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Finger Speed-Sums

The class breaks into partners and each partner has one hand behind their back. On the count of three, they each put forward some number of fingers. Whoever says the

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The teacher calls out a number (four), and the students have 10 seconds to get themselves into groups of that size. It might be impossible for everyone to get in

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skip counting

Math & Movement Math Buddies

By Suzy Koontz You’ve probably heard of Each One Teach One, a classic teaching strategy where a student learns a new skill and then teaches that skill to another student.

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Fostering a Growth Mindset in Children

Fostering A Growth Mindset in Children

Studies suggest that growth mindsets counter the fight-or-flight response, helping us to view social problems as challenges. This helps us to adapt, change, and grow—the chief characteristics of resilience. When we promote the belief that people truly have the potential to change, we free up ourselves and others to actually do that. Overall, fostering a growth mindset in a child’s early years are critical.

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Summer Math Activities

Summer Math Activities to Get Kids Outdoors

All of these math activities offer children a chance to get outdoors and have fun while practicing their math skills. Parents, teachers, and camp counselors can use an outdoor summer math activity to keep kids engaged and learning. Overall, be sure to celebrate a child’s success and HAVE FUN! 🙂

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