Library Package

A perfect set of materials for library learning areas!



Included in the Package:

  • Alphabet Hop Mat
  • Color Hop Floor Mat
  • Contraction Hopscotch Set
    • Includes: All 11 Contraction Hopscotch Mats
      • Contraction Hopscotch – I
      • Contraction Hopscotch – IT
      • Contraction Hopscotch – SHE
      • Contraction Hopscotch – THAT
      • Contraction Hopscotch – THERE
      • Contraction Hopscotch – THEY
      • Contraction Hopscotch – WE
      • Contraction Hopscotch – YOU
      • Contraction Hopscotch – Negatives One
      • Contraction Hopscotch – Negatives Two
      • Contraction Hopscotch – Negatives Three
  • Word Blending Mats Set
    • Includes: All 7 Word Blending Mats + blending cards
      • Word Blending Mat Double H (wh, th, sh, qu, ch)
      • Word Blending Mat Double L (sl, pl, gl, fl, cl, bl)
      • Word Blending Mat Double R (tr, pr, gr, fr, dr, cr, br)
      • Word Blending Mat Double S (st, sp, sn, sm, sk, sc)
      • Word Blending Mat Single B-H (b, c, d, f, g, h)
      • Word Blending Mat Single J-P (j, k, l, m, n, p)
      • Word Blending Mat Single R-Z (r, s, t, w, y, z)
  • Sentence Hop Mat Set
    • Includes: All 4 Sentence Hop Mats + cards
      • Sentence Hop A – “I can go to the” / Word cards: bank, park, farm, beach, store, school
      • Sentence Hop B – “I run to see my” / Word cards: mom, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister
      • Sentence Hop C – “I want to ride on a” / Word cards: train, bike, plane, boat, horse, truck
      • Sentence Hop D – “I like to swim in the” / Word cards: lake, pool, river, pond, ocean, bath tub
  • Word Hop Floor Mat Set
    • Includes: All 29 Word Hop Mats
      • Word Hop Mat A: I, A, The, Go, Can, Is, Me
      • Word Hop Mat B: To, In, It, Run, Did, Like, And
      • Word Hop Mat C: Not, We, Get, Said, My, See, You
      • Word Hop Mat D: Have, Are, No, What, Do, At, On
      • Word Hop Mat E: Was, For, Come, Funny, He, Jump, Little
      • Word Hop Mat F: Will, Too, Look, Of, Play, This, Up
      • Word Hop Mat G: Saw, Ran, One, Here, Good, Down, Big
      • Word Hop Mat H: Away, Yes, All, Am, Around, But, By
      • Word Hop Mat I: Call, Came, Eat, Fast, An, Stop, Some
      • Word Hop Mat J: She, Who, Out, Old, Make, Into, Going
      • Word Hop Mat K: Her, Help, Had, Give, From, Fly, Cold
      • Word Hop Mat L: Be, As, After, Your, Under, Soon, So
      • Word Hop Mat M: Round, Ride, Its, If, His, Him, May
      • Word Hop Mat N: Many, Made, Live, Let, Know, Has, Got
      • Word Hop Mat O: Gave, Find, When, Walk, They, Then, Them
      • Word Hop Mat P: That, Put, Over, Now, New, About, Could
      • Word Hop Mat Q: Ask, Always, Any, Again, Ate, With, Were
      • Word Hop Mat R: Went, Take, Say, Our, Once, Or, Long
      • Word Hop Mat S: How, First, Found, Does, Been, Because, Bring
      • Word Hop Mat T: Wish, Want, Would, Upon, Us, There, Tell
      • Word Hop Mat U: Pull, Only, Open, Never, Must, Much, Goes
      • Word Hop Mat V: Every, Done, Before, Which, Work, Very, Think
      • Word Hop Mat W: Those, Their, These, Small, Show, Sit, Keep
      • Word Hop Mat X: Just, Hold, Hot, Grown, Fall, Drink, Draw
      • Word Hop Mat Y: Buy, Where, Try, Today, Shall, Read, Pick
      • Word Hop Mat Z: Please, Pretty, Off, Own, Myself, Full, Cut
      • Word Hop Mat AA: Clean, Both, Best, Better, Write, Why, Well
      • Word Hop Mat AB: Use, Together, Wash, Warm, Thank, Sing, Start
      • Word Hop Mat AC: Sleep, Right, Laugh, Light, Kind, Hurt, Far
  • Homophone Hop Set
    • Includes 7 Homophone Hops and 1 Homophone Hopscotch
      • Homophone Hop A
      • Homophone Hop B
      • Homophone Hop C
      • Homophone Hop D
      • Homophone Hop E
      • Homophone Hop F
      • Homophone Hop G
      • Homophone Hopscotch
  • Set of Affirmation Wall Stickers 4 inch stickers
    • Set includes 107 “I am” positive affirmations and 20 “Yes you are” affirmations. Use on laptops, walls, bathroom tiles or mirrors. Laminated for extra protection and durability.
  • Skip Counting Wall Banner Set
    • Includes 6 Wall Banners
      • Skip Counting by 3’s Wall Banner’
      • Skip Counting by 4’s Wall Banner
      • Skip Counting by 6’s Wall Banner
      • Skip Counting by 7’s Wall Banner
      • Skip Counting by 8’s Wall Banner
      • Skip Counting by 9’s Wall Banner

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