PreK and K STEAM Kit

Boost Kindergarten
and Pre K Math and Literacy Skills

Bring math, literacy, and popular science concepts to life with this movement-based, Pre-K and K STEAM Kit. We have selected materials that work seamlessly with UPK curriculums and kindergarten curriculums. All of the materials have been grouped as a kit but can also be purchased individually. These STEAM activities for preschool and kindergarten are a great way to bring kinesthetic learning into the classroom.

Vowel hop, Pre K Math and Literacy Curriculum Material, for, kindergarten, preschool kit, math for preschoolers

Included Kindergarten and Pre K Math Materials

Product Notes: Stencil is Skip Counting by 2s Stencil. Number line 0-10 World Languages Floor Mat is Spanish Number Line 0-10 Mat.

Included Literacy Materials

Product Notes: Word Blending Mat is Single B-H and laminated cards. Word Hop Floor Mat is Word Hop A.

Included Science Materials

Included Books

Movement is like "Miracle Grow" for the Brain

Movement increases growth factors and connections between neurons in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for developing complex cognitive abilities like:
  • planning
  • thought analysis
  • creativity
  • abstract thinking
  • social behavior
Math kit training photo

Math Kit Training Options

Because this school year has brought a unique set of challenges for schools, we have changed the setup of our PD training to make participation easier for teachers. If you are interested in the ‘with training’ kit options, your educators will receive 1 hour of virtual training on your materials. (Allows for up to 100 participants.)

COVID Safe Materials

Math & Movement Mats are super easy to care for. All you need is a spray bottle of soapy water and paper towels. The materials are also covid safe, touch-free, and great for covid restrictions and social distancing activity stations.  

Eagle Creek students using our mats
Math Kit

Ready to Get Started?

Math & Movement has been an industry leader in kinesthetic learning for over 12 years! Movement allows students to learn 5 times faster and easily understand core math concepts. Movement-based learning is also a great way to add more SEL to your curriculum!

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